aired Apr 27 2008
5 Songs
I Dream Of Michaelangelo by The Counting Crows
At the end of the episode, as Justin is teaching Rebecca how to surf. It is available to download free on the Counting Crows official website as part of their free digital 45 release.
The World Keeps Spinning by Julia Fordham
submitted by ellentvlover
Blue Adeline by Kris Delmhorst
Holly tells Rebecca that David is gone
submitted by ellentvlover
Duppy Conquerer by Bob Marley & The Wailers
submitted by ellentvlover
Summertime by APM Music Library
Missing a song?

What was the name and artist of the reggae song in this episode?

posted by Mike

what's the name of the counting crows song played at the end?

posted by nina

What was the song during next week's previews? Sounded like Green Day.? "Here comes the rest of our lives"..?

posted by dena

When I Dream Of Michelangelo -- the counting crows song

posted by FP

The song that played at the very end of the show was by Graham Colton - Best Days

posted by Dawn

what was the song that was played during the scene when rebecca comes home from the charity event and holly tells her david is gone.

posted by joe

"Blue Adeline" - Kris Delmhorst

posted by SiM

What was the song that played when Justin approached Rebecca at the cheese spread at the banquet? Lyrics something like "do you remember that summer time when you first gave your heart to mine?"

posted by dj

Song playing while Nora was eating dinner alone. Thought it was something about being a Georgia girl.

posted by pearl

What was the song that played when Kitty and Robert are talking on the balcony at 28 minutes please ?

posted by Lau2105
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Brothers & Sisters, in the episode Double Negative, first aired April 27 2008. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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oh so sexy by Robinella
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