aired Oct 3 2010
3 Songs
The Future by Simon Lynge
At the end of the episode.
submitted by Patsy_Stone
"Stupid Grin" by Dragonette
Model Party
"Hot Hot Love" by Madison
Model Party
Missing a song?

What's the song played in the end of season 5 episode two brief encounter? "praise the moonlit mountains and the sun" Who's the artist?

posted by Suhani Sharma

Simon Lynge.....The Future

posted by Tammy Austin

What is that song that is playing during the underwear party-launch? I think during or after the scene where Nora gets mad at everyone. There was this cool song, but I couldn't hear it proprly. Anyone know?

posted by Nicklas

Thanx a ton Tammy.. Love u fr this....!

posted by Suhani Sharma

It's not on iTunes - anyone know where I can buy the song? The full CD is on Amazon, but that's not ideal.

Thanks in advance.

posted by Sarah

yes somone please tell me the song that was playing during the party

posted by josh

Love all the songs they play.

posted by marsha gray

hello what songs playing in 21:00 min?

posted by lukas
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Brothers & Sisters, in the episode Brief Encounter, first aired October 3 2010. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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oh so sexy by Robinella
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