aired Dec 12 2010
4 Songs
The Christmas Song by Ella Fitzgerald
Kitty, Sarah, and Kevin talk about their fears.
submitted by 4evryng
River by Angus Stone
The family celebrates Christmas.
submitted by 4evryng
Carol Of The Bells by This Ascension
Nora's Nightmare
I wish I had a river by No idea who he is
Last minute of the episode
Missing a song?

Love thr river at the end of the eo=pisode

posted by Marion Sorlien

Who is it sung by???!

posted by Deb

The christmas song at the very end?

posted by linet

who is singing river at the end of the show? love, love, love it :)

posted by annie

There are a ton of different remakes to this song. I have the one by corine Bailee ray but this one was by a guy and I loved it!

posted by B12

Who sings the song at the very end of the show?

posted by Jeremy lopez

Joni Mitchell cover song, not sure who sang this version. Loved it!

posted by Lee

His name is Travis

posted by Neal

The name of the song is "She Has No Time" and the singer is Keane

posted by Michan

Who is singing the Christmas song at the end of the show. If I had a river to skate away.

posted by Karmen

It is indeed a Joni Mitchell song, covered by the whole band Travis

posted by Gracie

Or it might be angus stone. I really think that's who it is. I check out a bunch if them. And that's the conclusion I came to.

posted by B12

its by the band travis... called "river"

posted by suzanna

^ that seems to be right. travis does a piano version. angus stone does the guitar version, which i like better by the way.

posted by kelsey

it is DEFFFFFFFF angus stone!!!!

posted by mary

Thought so. And if you like this one there's another cover of it by corine Bailee ray which is amazing as well that you should check out.

posted by B12


posted by bkk

whats with the hanukkah crap at the end. what about kawanzaa

posted by mary

I agree with mary... Most indeed Angus....

posted by Amber

thank you kind sir

posted by mary

listing to jonie mitchell version right now.... sounds good

posted by charlene

I'm searching for version of "The Christmas Son" played just before the end. Anyone heard it before?

posted by Mitch

Does anyone know who's singing the version of "deck the halls" ? That's when Sarah is watching his co-workers partying.

posted by Timm

what's the song played in nora's "nightmare" when they're putting poison is her drink?

posted by yo

Angus Stone!!! river, Joni Mitchel cover

posted by yahoo34713

I am also wondering about the song while they put poison in Noras drink. Loved the remake. Hosting my first Christmas dinner and must have it in my playlist. I can't find it. Please let me know if anyone else does, and I will do the same. thanks!

posted by Lesley was Angus Stone. The travis version is on piano

posted by Scott

the song played in nora's "nightmare" is Carol of the bells

posted by fx

With regards to the 'nightmare' song, it appears to be a version of Ray Conniff and The Singers - Ring Christmas Bells. But the version on the episode is updated and far more spooky.

posted by Johnny

who sings these song carol of the bells i like the one i heard on b&s...

posted by 22sm

For those looking for 'Carol of The Bells' played during Nora's nightmare:
This Ascension - Carol of The Bells. its on youtube

posted by Johnny

You guys are the BEST!! Thank you so much!!

posted by Lesley

What about the "Deck the halls" version ? Who's singing it ?

posted by timmborg

What about the "Deck the halls" version ? Who's singing it ?

posted by timmborg

what is the song played in the part of the episode with the nora's nightmare?

posted by rasarmiento

Could you please tell me the Hebrew song that Saul sang at the end of the episode "Cold Turkey"?

posted by Lynn White

thanks so much!
the ending of this episode was great, especially the song!
and I was losing my mind looking for it.

posted by Shev

La chanson de la fin de Cold Turkey c'est River - Angus Stone. Elle est juste magnifique!!!!!! Merci
(J'ai fais tous les sites français mais j'ai rien trouvé donc merci encore vous me sauvez LOL)

posted by Fabien

it's 'river' by angus stone

posted by sarah
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