aired Oct 10 2010
2 Songs
I'm with you by The Stills
Justin is repainting the walls grey
My Favourite Book by Stars
submitted by 4evryng
Missing a song?

what song is playing at the end, during the credits/previews?

posted by Anonymous

the song at the end was the one I wanted too :-( does anyone know the any of the lyrics? I can't remember them

posted by Anonymous

is it the one that goes "so i'm telling you watch out, cause the heart..." i can't remember it, this song is in one of the ads for the series and i'm crazy searching for it....!!

posted by Anonymous

the one im looking for goes "cause ive never felt like this before..." i cant hear the rest but ive been searching pretty hard and no results. anyone else can help?

posted by Anonymous

I guess you didn't try so hard.I just watched on tv the comercial with that song,all I got was "so i'm telling you watch out".took me 5 min to find out the name and the song
"The Heart Won't Be Denied - Colin Devlin"
Its a gift from Brazil

posted by Rossi

Bullshit, thats not the promo song, colin devlin sucks

posted by Anonymous
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Brothers & Sisters, in the episode Faking It, first aired October 10 2010. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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oh so sexy by Robinella
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