aired Oct 17 2010
3 Songs
Find Love by NLX
At the very end, when Kitty returns to the house, Justin is back in his apartment and you see Rebecca taking a picture of her mother before walking off.
You Are My Sun by Sun Kil Moon
submitted by 4evryng
Never Felt by Ian Hoge
Promo with Kitty
Missing a song?

What's the song that played at the beginning tonight?

posted by Klick

how about at the end,...

posted by rojo

what is the song they played at the end "if you can find love . . ." tried tagging it and it couldn't find it.

posted by kaz

looking for the same song as Kaz "if you could find love"

posted by Justine

Same here loved the song at the end but couldn't tag it and tried looking up the lyrics but nothing came up

posted by Ria0126

I am trying to find the name of the song they played at the end also!

posted by Karen

Same here...what was the song playing at the end of this episode..."if you can find love".

posted by Leah

haha! Me too! I tried to use my phone for Song ID, but nothing came up. I enjoyed that song.

posted by Taylor

Me too! i even wrote down the lyrics "if you can find love...then you could find love...everything you said...every word that i wrote every moment we spent...hold your breath and count to 10..." i can find it anywhere!!

posted by Aaron

Same quest for the song at the end

posted by Catherine

what is the song played at the end of the episode?

posted by Anonymous

same! i cant find it anywhere!

posted by hannah

I am looking for the song at the end too!!

posted by Sarah Allspaw

Was it not in the credits? I didn't record it. Surely someone recorded it.

posted by Taylor

The song should be posted here soon - looks like they update it later in the week?

posted by anonymous

"Find Love" by NLX

posted by Taylor

Oh thank you so much Taylor! You're amazing!

posted by Luke
posted by erick

thank you soo much!! LOVE this song!

posted by Sarah Allspaw

THANK GOD! The show ended 40 mins ago, and i've been looking for it online ever since. I totally bookmarked this site. To everyone who loves this song...YOU ROCK! Peace out! NISI

posted by NISI

Thank you!! I've been searching for it too!! This song is GREAT!

posted by rosa21

Taylor is so right and you can get it on I Tunes...awesome song

posted by bill 48

Does anyone know where i can get a copy of this song?

posted by nkg

What was the song in the beginning, it played during the promos??

posted by Anonymous

THANK YOU!!! My girl will love me. You saved the night! Great song!

posted by Aaron

WOW I can't believe this song is a HIT. Thanks Taylor

posted by yahoo85955

Anybody know what is the first song they played?

posted by Micky

Also looking for the song played at the beginning when they woke up.

posted by Barbara

thanks. found "find love" on Itunes

posted by yahoo79351

Bought this song on Itunes. I've listened to it a few times already. good tune.

posted by Taylor

Anyone know the song from the beginning of the episode?

posted by Sarah

Song from opening scene?

posted by Marty mcfly

Yeah, I can't find it either...

posted by Cyle
posted by Rosemary

It's called FIND LOVE. Click on the left hand side under SONGS. It's the last song on the track listing. And hey, she's from about a half hour away from where I live! Canada Rocks!

posted by Rosemary

"Find Love" by NLX isn't the song from the OPENING scene when they're getting out of bed though, that song is later. I'm talking about the very first song from the first scene

posted by Sarah

the song played at the beginning of the show is
you are my sun by Sun Kil Moon

posted by fan

Whats the song they played in the promo for this episode, I think the lyrics say "cause i've never felt like before, just can't turn and walk away"

posted by B&SFan

yeah, I also was wondering about the promo for the righteous kiss episode, i think the lyrics were "cause i've never felt like this before" anybody know?

posted by fsj

Hi, I'm looking for the promo song too.
Does anyone know it ?

posted by Sally

you can find the song here:

I love this episode!

posted by Nightcrawler200

The NLX full album is avaliable free here:

posted by Nightcrawle200

Yes I also want the song used in the promo for this episode?!?! The 30 second clip that was played at the end of "Faking It"! It is impossible to find:(

posted by AHH


posted by Samah

The last song
I'm still looking for the promo song

posted by Ema

I have been looking all week for the promo song as well! Nothing comes up, and theres just not enough lyrics to search for...

posted by HJ

what about the song pkayed in the begining when Rebeca and Justina are in bed? impossible to find.

posted by ana

fan said it a little while back, but I'll repeat it... "You Are My Sun" by Sun Kil Moon was the first song in the episode when Rebecca & Justin were in bed.

posted by Andrew


posted by help

good lord, no one can find that damn promo song, its so good and impossible to find... someone be a hero and help us all out

posted by Garrett

I have been looking for that same song at the end during the promo since it aired. The closest ive came was finding a youtube video showcasing it but no artist. Maybe someone else can listen and recognize it.

posted by DeShawn
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