aired Jan 2 2011
2 Songs
Nora takes a break from her show to talk with Karl; Justin tells Annie he really cares about her; Kitty questions Seth about the main character in his story; Scotty & Kevin 'choose' a kid at the adoption fair.
submitted by 4evryng
Fountain Of Youth by Grant Lee Phillips
Justin & Annie shoot hoops at lunch until he's called away for a job.
submitted by 4evryng
Missing a song?

what are the songs on this episode - can't find the list anywhere

posted by annie

neither me..wish i could

posted by tori007

I as well am looking for the songs aired on January 2, 2011. Any help ?

posted by christine

Angel by The Strange Familiar

posted by sunset

Fountain Of Youth by Grant Lee phillips

posted by sunset

What is the song with the line "You give me a reason to go on believing"?

posted by D

what is the name of the theme song played at the end of Brothers + Sisters Jan 2 episode

posted by sharon

Ella Fitzgerald, "The Christmas Song"
Kitty, Sarah, and Kevin talk about their fears.

Angus Stone, "River"
The family celebrates Christmas.

posted by Sary Hassan
posted by Lauren

What is the title of the song featured at the end of the episode of Brothers and Sisters that aired tonight 10th March 2011 on more 4 tv channel, it had a line that said something about, " when I breathe"

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This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Brothers & Sisters, in the episode Scandalized, first aired January 2 2011. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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oh so sexy by Robinella
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