aired May 8 2011
7 Songs
Baby, I Need Your Lovin' by The Four Tops
Luc, Justin & Scotty practice the song for the reception; repeats as the guys perform at the wedding.
submitted by 4evryng
The Four Seasons (Spring) - Allegro by Vivaldi
Guests wait for the wedding to begin; Sarah tells Kevin she's going for a walk.
submitted by 4evryng
Ave Maria by Bach
The guests start to grow impatient.
submitted by 4evryng
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters by Elton John
Sarah & Luc dance, then Sarah dances with Brody; Tyler asks Justin to dance; everyone starts dancing.
submitted by 4evryng
Born This Way by Lady Gaga
Nora's voice over as she watches as everyone dancing.
submitted by 4evryng
L.A River by HoneyHoney
IT was the song that was being played as Sarah was Walking Down the Isle...
l a river by HoneyHoney
end of episode
Missing a song?

Liked the music on this episode, want to know more

posted by Julie Coomer

I want to know what songs were heard, especially the one when they all were dancing.

posted by Jennifer Webb

Loved the song while Sarah and luc were exchanging their vows--wish I knew it's name! The sing at the very end was Birn This Way by lady gaga.

posted by Droush

I agree. I have looked everywhere for that beautiful song played during the exchanging of their vows, and I can't find it.

posted by Holly

"L.A. River flowing by the railroad tracks" was part of the lyric if that helps. Looking for same song.

posted by Diana

Yes, I started searching and googling after just a few bars. My shazam didn't pick it up. Just beautiful.

posted by Tami

I can't find it either, for that matter, neither can v cast song id. Hoping ABC posts it tomorrow....

posted by Liz

Any luck with the song title we are wondering about?

posted by Penny Giesecke

I can't find it. I've posted something on the abc blog to try to find out. Ugh this is annoying... I really want to know.

posted by Alec

The curious part is, that it wasn't listed in the closed captioning as anything other than “(woman)”

posted by Liz

Thx for the lyrics "LA river....." Looking for that artist too.

posted by jean

Post the song as soon as you find it i am dieing to know what song it is. lol

posted by Bobby

Sounds like Patty Griffin. I noticed from google she did a song on Brothers and Sisters in 2007.

posted by jean

I love my new home...

posted by Tami

I have been searching for the song too without any luck. It was so stunningly beautiful. I hope someone finds it soon. The Elton John song was fabulous too : )

posted by ShawnPaul

i am dying to know that song too! i have another part of the lyrics: "oh but i love my new home listen to the big city sound" please post as soon as someone finds it!

posted by jt

went down to the banks of the L. A. river had to hop a chain link fence
concrete walls on the l. a. river
water lapping up on the cement

posted by fpe

oh but I love my new home
listen to the big city sound
watching that l. a. river roll down
by the trains past china town

posted by fpe

looking for that LA river song too! we better find it soon!

posted by am

still no luck???

posted by Anonymous


posted by Anonymous

I think it sounds more like Brandi Carlile than Patty Griffin, but I have no idea. And can't find any info on it either and searching bits of the lyrics only turns up other people wondering what it's called and who sings it.

posted by mpeep

ABC didn't post it as part of music from the episode....

posted by Liz

That song is from a band called HoneyHoney. It's either called "Down By The River" or "LA River". Here is a link to the band: or a youtube video of the song:

posted by Peter

THe song is Down by the River by HoneyHoney

posted by May

Can't find anywhere that you can buy it and download it though. Also love U2's "Winter" from the movie "Brothers" but you can't find it anywhere!!!!

posted by bojangles

Also, ABC is considering cancelling this show. Hope that doesn't happen!

posted by bojangles

Thanks, Peter!

posted by catpin

Since I couldn't find the song anywhere but on the youtube link that was posted (thanks!), I used my Droid to create an mp3. I downloaded the app 'Tubemate' convert it.

posted by Liz

found it on youtube, but not on frostwire. very aggravated. it was so beautiful, im sad.

posted by chels;

Its "Down by the River" by HoneyHoney. Here's the youtube link to it
Enjoy !

posted by Eanashiham

Unbelievable. One that it is a beautiful song and two there is no way to buy and download it. What's up with that?

posted by William

Show cancelled by ABC....:( The "Walker Down The Aisle" episode will be its last.

posted by Beekers
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