aired Feb 8 2017
No song reported for this episode.

I'm looking for the song the girl was sick ginger in the car at the very beginning

posted by Melissa

I'm looking for the song the girl was sick ginger in the car at the very beginning

posted by Melissa

Me too!!!

posted by Suzanne Sagester

yesyes Mee Toooo

posted by deepa

Me toooo

posted by Kathy mchenry


posted by Anonymous

Yes!! Same!!

posted by Anonymous

I found the lyrics to the song but a search with those lyrics did not yield any results. So sadly it seems that it was a snippet of a song that did not exist prior to this episode.

posted by Jacob

Hmmmm I wanted that song????

posted by Anonymous

Me too! I've searched all over and nothing. They should put the song and singer in the corner during the song.

posted by Moonflyer1979

That song seems rad and it's so unfair I can't find it.

posted by Anonymous

Me too!! Been doing lots of research and no luck as of yet....still hopeful i can find it sometime soon!

posted by Sil

I know who the artist of the song is. His name is Taps Mugadza. The song has not been released yet but it will be soon. I recommend that you keep yourself updated (if you liked the snippet that you heard) by checking his twitter account

posted by Jason

This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Criminal Minds, in the episode A Good Husband, first aired February 8 2017. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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