aired Nov 29 2007
4 Songs
Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
Description John Clevenger
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Fire by Arthur Brown
When Earl burns Artist John's paintings.
Gettin' Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith
Missing a song?

When Earl is burning all the paintings, what is the song playing in the background? lots of please.

posted by confused

looking for the same song my friend

posted by matt

I found it buddy, name of the song is by Arthur Brown and the name of the song is Fire

posted by matt

thanks dude!

posted by confused

What about the song after he burns the paintings, and he's laying in bed? It's only on for a short time.

posted by Dan

whoa heh...yeah that wasnt it..yeah the one dan is talking about.

posted by confused


posted by Dan

Are you talking about "Pictures of Matchstick Men: by Status Quo?? Has the lyrics "When I look up to the skies, I see your eyes a funny kind of yellow"?

posted by Jess

Yes, that's it.

Complete episode soundtrack:

posted by Don

nice, thanks.

posted by confused

Friggin sweet.

posted by dclpn20

What's the song when Earl is dancing with the short women at the prom. It is a remix of a song but i can't remember !! arghh

posted by saasasa

Does anyone know the name of the song that plays as Earl gives up the Prom King crown to John? It sounds a bit like 'Journey', does anyone know???

posted by Mylo

Will Smith - Getting jiggy with it

posted by here you go

Pictures Of Matchstick Men is an amazing song good find jess =D

posted by stuart92

Appreciate ya identifying that song 'Pictures of Matchstick Men" Jess! Downloading it to my ipod.

posted by Mike G

ouh thanks dude for the fire song ;)

posted by Vee

what's the name of the song that is playing while in the episode earl describes john clevenger, the one who burns his house.

posted by Chuy!!!

Nevermind... Ring of Fire" is that song's name

posted by Chuy!!!

Have a question to season 3 episode 22 the song that's playing before country roads (Thought I recognized it, cause the tune looks like "brand new rollerskates") , but in this song a guy is singing...please someone. Can not find this...

posted by M.M.

ok never mind it's fleetwood know your classics :p

posted by M.M.
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show My Name Is Earl, in the episode Burn Victim, first aired November 29 2007. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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