aired Sep 29 2008
1 Songs
Dirt Nap by Ramin Djawadi
On the court part with Mahone. 44 minutes
Missing a song?

The music when Wyatt and Mahone appear in the courthouse...

posted by Bruno

yea :) its great! someone know title? 34:04 & 37:34

posted by mitu

yes, it's my request too, Wyatt, Mahone 0:33:20 min

posted by Mishczu

My too! Zmbdy plz!

posted by Utim

yes its called "i fittaa villt" by mordi

posted by mordi

Negative.("i fittaa villt" by mordi")

posted by CIA Member

So does anyone know the name and artist of this fantastic song?

posted by P

Please I'm looking for this song too! Does anybody know??

posted by Haaaa

please post this song.. i can't find it :/

posted by !prefuse

please song name someone ?!?!

posted by heyza

Plz, does anybody know this song or the artist?

posted by anon

Same request... Does anybody know the song's name. Please, I'm going crazy here :P

posted by Mau

i think that it was a soundtrack of prison break suche as "String Of Prisoner" or "In The Yard". But there is a CD whit the soundtrack of season 1 and 2. Soundtrack of season 3 and 4 still is unknow.

posted by capa

same song request as evrybody else! song when mahone and wyatt in courthouse

posted by elie

very good

posted by gert

Yes I want that song badly. Anyone?

posted by Ambassador

i also want to know!

posted by erwin

That song owns! I really want to know the title!

posted by El

i've got it but can't upload it on this site :/ so here u got link:

posted by dax

Ramin Djawadi - Dirt Nap

posted by eRiC
posted by Anna hey friends this is song HQ 02:13 sec.

posted by DieGo

Thanks a lot eRiC for confirming the mahone and wyatt in courthouse theme it's Ramin Djawadi - Dirt Nap....... go for it people it available in season 3 and 4 soundtrack

posted by Ryan
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show Prison Break, in the episode Blow Out, first aired September 29 2008. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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