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Gone To Pieces by Mike Schmid
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song at the beginning of the show when jimmy is strangling the guy. lyrics are something like "...i want you to see that you are the only thing that matters most to me.."

posted by Anonymous

OMG I've been looking everywhere for this song too. At first I thought it was a cover of "I Should Have Known Better" by the Beatles, but after watching the scene again, I think I was wrong. I am dying to get this song though!!

posted by Stephanie

yea does anyone know the first song in the beginning when Jimmy and Whitie are talking i am like strangling myself trying to figure it out

posted by Anonymous

does anyone know the song at the end where jimmy and tommy have a fight? its after he finds out he's been taking money from jenny.

posted by Anonymous

I've been dying to find this song also...if I do, I'll post it...if you do. please do the same! Thanks.

posted by alpo

Anyone know the song playing when the Donnellys are beating up the drug dealers with baseball bats?

posted by DonnellyFan

Anyone know the song or artist at the end when Jimmy & Tommy have a fight? I think some of the lyrics are" do you believe (in me) or do I just believe in myself?" I've looked everywhere!!

posted by goodheart916

I've been searching for the same song since it first aired. I will post it when I find it, hope you do the same!

posted by Anonymous

What is the song where they beat up the drug dealers??

posted by bigG

what is the song when they beat up the drug dealers

posted by jbdawg318

the song is great. But you have to buy it on the net from an independent songwriter site or something. Cost less than a dollar and worth every penny :)

posted by Markus

Hey, does anyone know the song that appeared during the scene where Nicky Cottero and Vinny were discussing business at Nicky's club place while two girls were dancing?Thanks.

posted by Carolyn


posted by ricdonnelly

i was lookin for the song they played when tommy went to steal mrs. mckready's door

posted by jay

same here ^

posted by jimmy

Does anyone know the track where the Italians, Nicky Cottero & Vinnie Culiari, are in the bar watching the dancers/strippers. I think in episode 8. Thanks

posted by GR

Does anyone know the name song or artist at the end of episode 8 where tommy is painting?

posted by tommy
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