aired Apr 2 2007
3 Songs
Brothers On A Hotel Bed by Death Cab for Cutie
At the very end of the episode
Gravity by John Mayer
Tommy and Jenny are talking about her dad getting sick and the problems with the money for the diner. She tells him about her dad selling half the diner to Dokey.
submitted by gabbiee
Under the Influence by James Morrison
the song that is playing in the background when Sean and Jimmy are in the jukebox store and Jimmy goes outside to talk to Whitey
submitted by gabbiee
Missing a song?

anyone know the name of the song that played at the end of this episode?

posted by rik

Deathcab for Cutie - Brothers on a hotel bed

posted by Tim

There was a song during the horse race scene (and flashback scene) that had the lyrics "and now you're gone". Does anyone know which song that was?

Searching by lyrics online came up with nothing since those lyrics are so common.

posted by Shawn

Who sings the cover version of Howard Jones' song "No One Is to Blame"? It can be heard when Tommy first approaches Kate Farrell for a loan.

posted by Steven

i don't think that the last song in the episode is Brothers on a Hotel Bed. i looked for it, and the lyrics and melody don't fit.

does anyone know what the last song is? (the one that is in the background as jimmy gives sean the money)

posted by Colleen

actually the last song is an unreleased song called "gone to pieces" by Mike Schmid
-its available on

posted by valerie

Emile Millar permorms the Howard Jones song "No One is to Blame" that appears on The Black Donnelys.

posted by Bob

Does anyone know the song that plays in the second episode of The Black Donnellys when Jenny and the donnellys' mom are sitting in the hospital/ Tommy goes to speak to the Italians?

posted by Droy

does anyone know the song that was in the episode "the only thing sure" when tommy was talking to whitey during the horse-race scene... it sounded like the lyrics were something like "watch the shadows dancing on the wall"

posted by Jen

does any1 knw the song that on the nbc website of the black donnelly..i cant get the song name or the artist

posted by atif

What's the song for when the boys went to play some softball? I love that sound and I want it so badly

posted by Becca

The song on the website is "Broken Sorrow" by 'Nuttin' but Stringz'. They are on myspace and have a website. Do a search on google. They have another great track called "thunder" but I can't find the full broken sorrow track anywhere.

posted by Adam (

What is the song that is playing in the background when Sean and Jimmy are in the jukebox store, and then Jimmy goes outside to talk to Whitey? Lyrics have "watch the shadows dancing on the wall" in them

posted by Jonas

I found the full song Broken Sorrow by Nuttin' But Stringz (from the website) located here:

It's a beautiful song, I can't stop listening to it. =D

posted by Amanda

Does anyone know the song playing when Dokey is playing in the sandbox with his nephew, Matthew and then he walks over to talk to Nicky about making a deal?

posted by gabbiee

the song playing in the background as jimmy gives sean the money

It IS Death Cab for Cutie - "Brothers On A Hotel Bed"

Lyrics here -

posted by gabbiee

(^read above^)
if you have the episode, play it while you look at the lyrics. it is clearly this song

"Gone to Pieces" by Mike Schmid is a pretty song, but it is incorrect for this episode.

posted by gabbiee

the song that is playing in the background when Sean and Jimmy are in the jukebox store and Jimmy goes outside to talk to Whitey

James Morrison - "Under the Influence"

posted by gabbiee

When it was shown on ITV2 (in UK), end song is definitely Schmid's ‘Gone to Pieces’ (starts as Tommy asks Kate for money the 2nd time). Occasionally different songs are used for tv/dvd because the rights cost too much– that might explain confusion?

posted by dancingjo

Hey,guys. Does anyone know the name of the song where Sean and Jimmy are talking about Sean's problems and he's asking Jimmy for money so he can buy an apartment of his own?

posted by Carolyn
This page lists music and songs heard on tv in the tv show The Black Donnellys, in the episode The Only Thing Sure, first aired April 2 2007. The songs listed on this page have been contributed by users of this website.
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